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AutoMist fire suppression system

AutoMist fire suppression system

The award winning AutoMist 'Fire Suppressant System' is a state of the art safety system fitted to all Ash Design new-build properties. In fact it makes traditional battery operated smoke detectors look decidedly old fashioned and a bit Micky Mouse.

Both our CasaReyes plots for sale in Oakham Rutland are fitted with this state of the art fire suppression system. So if a fire breaks out, high-tech infrared detectors identify the hot spot and direct high pressure mist onto it. Every new house should have these. They save lives. Battery operated smoke detectors are old hat, we need to move on. Surely Grenfell has taught us that!

This saves lives. All new builds should have this system!

Which is why all Ash Design new-builds the AutoMist fire suppression system as standard.

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