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ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms)

Our CasasReyes development for two semi's in Oakham, Rutland will be constructed from super energy efficient Nudura ICF's as featured on Grand Design.

This is a modern method of construction that has huge benefits to both the developer and the end user.

What ICF construction gives you is an ultra efficient building envelope with no thermal or cold bridging. Everyone these days is going on about U-Values and quoting them everywhere. But to a certain degree U-Values are a red herring and only part of the bigger picture.

The 'bigger picture' being an ultra efficient airtight building envelope with no thermal or cold bridging. If you have a building that has lots of thermal bridging, then what U-Value you have achieved is a bit academic. It's a bit like having a bucket with a slight leak in it. It may be a very strong bucket but if it has a slight leak then the fact it is a strong bucket is irrelevant. It's the same with housing. If you have a building envelope that has thermal leaks then you will be constantly filling it up with heat so to speak.

This is why we at Ash Design are a big fans of ICF's as they not only achieve extremely good U-Values, they also give you an ultra efficient building envelope with no cold or thermal bridging.

It is also up to 70% more energy efficient compared to to standard house construction. Resulting is long term energy saving for the end user.

Not only that, ICF construction gives you superior sound dampening performance as well as an extremely strong reinforced concrete structure. The perfect construction technique for those wanting to create a house to passive or 'near passive' standards.

For details of our CasasReyes development in Oakham Rutland log onto our For Sale page 

Also check out Nudura website or their UK supplier

This is the future of building!


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