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Looking forward to 2023

After suffering a severe hemorrhagic stroke at the very end of 2021, Ashley Miles Dennis of Ash Design has spent the whole of 2022 recovering.

So Ash Design has not been operating in terms of taking on any new projects in 2022.

Ashley says "It was a bit of a shock at the time and took a while to be able to learn how to walk again and a lot longer to retrain my left arm. It was about 8-10 months before I had anough detailed control of my left hand so I could type and use the CAD software. So 2022 was wrtten off to recover and concentrate on getting well enough to return to new projects in 2023. My stroke was caused by a major brain hemorrhage, which in turn was caused by high blood pressure (which I wasn't aware I had). So urge people to get their blood pressure checked if they are at all concerned. It could save your life!"

Recovery is a long journey and something that will take time. Although Ash jokes that at least his 'boyish good looks' and sense of humour were not effected :)

Ash believes life is about being positive and looking forward not backwards. So is now looking forward to getting stuck back into new prjects is 2023.

The trademark orange glasses are back :)

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